David Price?

If the Red Sox know what’s wrong with David Price I hope they figure it out before he goes up against the Yankees next week because he might give up about a million runs and I’m not kidding. I get a kick out of Price, he gets lit up and then somehow sees the glass as ‘half full”. Tim Wakefield used to be like that. He would get clobbered and then somehow say he pitched well.If fans think that Price will opt out of his contract think again. You only opt out if you are playing well and you feel you will be getting more money in the open market. Price is getting 217 million from the Red Sox and if there is a team out there who will offer him more they are out of their minds.
I give the Yankees credit as they went on a 7 game road trip to Anaheim and Houston and went 6-1. Yesterday they again came from behind in the 9th inning to win. By the way how did Houston ever win the World Series last year with that bull pen?
The Bruins host Tampa Bay tonight down 2-1 in the series. The Bruins again are going with David Price, I mean Tukka Rask in goal. I hope he knows that he has to have his “A” game. Rask is another guy who seems to think the glass is always half full. I know the team hasn’t played that well in front of him, but even Tukka apologists and there are a lot of them have to admit he has got to be better!
The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. I see who wins the Derby and I root for that horse to win the Triple Crown. Other than that I don’t care even though the Kentucky Derby is on my bucket list.