Clemson And NFL And NSN

By Jack Healey
I went 0-4 during the NFL wildcard weekend and my record falls to 156-88. What does 0-4 mean? Nothing except it proves that I’m not a psychic. It’s all pure luck anyway. I went with Chicago to beat Philly and if Cody Parkey hits the field goal I’m at least 1-3.
I don’t think that the NFL changing the Cody Parkey miss to a blocked field goal makes Parkey feel any better. You can talk all you want about what happens during a whole game, but if your defense blows a lead with 58 seconds left in the game, it makes the rest of the game irrelevant. It’s like a closer blowing a lead in the last of the 9th. Parkey had a chance to win the game, but it was the defense that blew the lead. It’s on them.
I went with Clemson over Alabama in the national championship game. My record in the college football post season was 20-20. I went with Clemson and I don’t know why because I think deep down I thought it it would be Alabama.
Am I a genius? No it was just pure luck and the same as flipping a coin. I’m no psychic and I don’t know any either. Notre Dame’s loss to Clemson in the national semi doesn’t look as bad now.
Great win for Rutland over St. Johnsbury in boys basketball last night on NSN. Boy how I wish Rutland advertisers would step up to sponsor the games like they do in St. Johnsbury and Lyndonville.