By Jack Healey
Just saw the movie “Chappaquidick”. It was a great movie, but I can’t get past that Gary Tanguay [yes that guy from NBC Sports Boston or whatever they call it] played the part of the ABC newsman who interviewed Ted Kennedy about the moon landing. Tanguay is the best they could do? I would’ve done that part for nothing.
Also I can’t get past that Ed Helms, the same guy who extracted his own tooth in the movie “The Hangover” played the part of Ted Kennedy’s cousin Joe Gargan in the movie.
I really don’t care if Andrew Benintendi wins the final All Star vote or not. Nice if he did, but if he doesn’t I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not 10 years old anymore.
I also don’t care if Chris Sale starts the All Star game either. As a matter of fact I hope he doesn’t pitch at all.
By the way there are players who deserve to be in the All-Star game every year and get snubbed. It’s simple arithmetic. Not everybody can go, but if you want to correct the snubbing just send everybody! That would fit in nicely with the “everybody gets a trophy” society that we have now.
Aren’t you glad the Red Sox didn’t trade or release Blake Swihart? I seem to recall that I was one of the few people who said give him a chance and see what he can do.
David Price hasn’t been terrible. Yes not good against the Yankees and hitting three guys in Kansas City the other night made all Sox fans including me cringe, but be careful what you wish for. I’m
tired of writers like Dan Shaughnessy and others writing about how bad baseball is. Yes there are a lot of bad teams, but that’s always been the case as far as I can remember. The Red Sox of my youth were pretty bad!As a matter of fact the Red Sox weren’t very good in 2012 and 2014 either. It’s baseball and anybody can beat you. Let me ask you if your team made it to the World Series and got to play the last place team in the other league, would you be 100% sure that your team would win a 7 game series? I couldn’t do it!
Explain momentum to me again. The other night in the first of a doubleheader the Mets win the game on a walk-off home-run by Wilmer Flores. So of course they ride the momentum into game 2 and win that game too. Right? Wrong! The Mets lost game 2. So explain to me how that works again. Please!!!!