Bruins Yes, Celtics No

Good win for the Bruins on Saturday against Tampa Bay and they will try to go up 2 games to none against the Lightning tonight. The two teams battled all season to get home ice and the Bruins get it in just one game. I think the Bruins win this series in 6.
The Celtics are just about the guttiest team I’ve seen in years. I think they won’t overcome their injuries against Philadelphia and I give the Celtics one game in the series. Let’s face it, Philly is really good and would be tough even if the Celtics were completely healthy, but the Celtics are not. The team would never use injuries as an excuse, but I would and I am!
The Yankees are red hot and that offense is awesome! The Yankees have no holes in that line-up, but the Red Sox sure do! Who would you rather pitch to? Gary Sanchez or Christian Vasquez? A no brainer! I said it about Tukka Rask and I have to say it about David Price. Price has to be better!