Bill Belichick

By Jack Healey
Bill Belichick just became the 3rd NFL coach to win 300 games behind Don Shula and George Halas.
Halas was 25 and Shula was 33 when they became head coaches, but Belichik didn’t become a head coach until he was 39 and there was like a five year period between being Cleveland’s head coach and becoming the Patriots” head coach. Pretty remarkable!
Don Shula obviously was a great coach, but have you ever noticed that he gets so much credit for the Miami Dolphins undefeated season in 1972, but you hardly ever hear that he was the losing coach for the Baltimore Colts when they lost to Joe Namath and the New York Jets in Super Bowl 3 in 1969, which was the AFL’s first win and put them on an equal footing with the NFL?
I guess Mike Nugent won’t be losing any games for the Patriots, but Nick Folk probably will be.
Has anybody noticed that the World Series is going to a game 7 tonight?