Baseball Tiebreakers And NFL Week #4

By Jack Healey

Well Milwaukee and the Dodgers won the tiebreakers yesterday, but the two losers get to play in the wildcard game tonight. It’s funny, but if the Cubs win tonight they get to play Milwaukee in the Division series and it would be like yesterday’s game between the Cubs and Brewers never existed.
People do know that when the fan at Fenway hit Giancarlo Stanton with the ball after Stanton’s home-run that the fan didn’t do it on purpose right? The fan was throwing a home-run ball back as seems to happen all the time nowadays and it happened to hit Stanton. I know there were people impressed with the fan’s arm, but if he just tossed the ball onto the field and it didn’t hit anybody he wouldn’t have been thrown out of the park. By the way throwing the ball back is kind of a stupid tradition anyway. Why not keep it or give the ball to a kid.
Almost as stupid as “The Wave”. That seems to happen more at Fenway than any other place. Let it go! That went out with hula hoops. At least do “The Wave” when the other team is in the field. Yea distracting your own pitcher makes a lot of sense.
I went 11-4 in the NFL picks in week #4 and my overall record is now 35-26.