Baseball Draft…No Drama

By Jack Healey
The major league baseball draft got underway last night with the first two rounds and unlike football and basketball obviously the names are not really familiar. Some interesting stuff though. The #1 pick went to the Detroit Tigers who took Casey Mize who is a right handed pitcher from Auburn. The 39 pick going to Oakland and the Athletics took center fielder Kyler Murray from Oklahoma. Murray is projected to be the starting quarterback succeeding Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield.
The red Sox at #26 took first baseman Tristan Casas from American Heritage High School in Florida. Never heard of him of course, but he appears to have power. I did look at a little video.
A great story on Rutland’s Randy Crossman on Channel 3’s “Made in Vermont” series last night. Randy was a former standout quarterback at Rutland High in the mid 70’s. Randy’s nephew Brendan Crossman is the lone Rutland High representative on this year’s Vermont Shrine team. Randy was talking about making the X Man puzzles.