Alex Cora? Here Comes The Judge!

By Jack Healey
Now the Red Sox have been accused of electronically stealing signs in 2018 just like the Houston Astros in 2017.
It looks like Alex Cora has some splaining to do if he didn’t before as he was the Astros bench coach in 2017 and the Red Sox manager in 2018. That being said I really don’t care.
I know you can’t do what the Astros or Red Sox supposedly did and whatever punishment is deserved,but to me it’s no different than teams getting the edge competitively years ago by watering down the infield or scuffing baseballs.
The nitwits on social media are out in full force now because of course it involves another Boston team. You know there goes Boston again. They always cheat. When it was just Houston, basically nobody cared and I certainly didn’t care. The only reason I cared a little bit before was because of Cora’s possible involvement and possible punishment and the same for his involvement as the manager of the Red Sox. Other than the Cora connection let me repeat….”Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”
Now of course the nitwits are talking about the Sox and Astros forfeiting their championships and all that garbage.At least in the 2018 post season the sign stealing wasn’t being done because the video rooms were being monitored in person by MLB.
The Dodgers and Yankees both got screwed because they were eliminated by the Astros and the Red Sox in 2017 and 2018. Of course the Astros also eliminated the Yankees in 2019 and in case you forgot,the Sox were eliminated by the Astros in 2017 as well.
It looks like former Patriots’ special teams and wide receivers coach Joe Judge will be the New York Giants new head coach. I hope there aren’t any Giant fans saying “great choice” or “bad choice” because my guess is there isn’t one Giant fan who have ever heard of him. Believe me I never heard of him and I’m a Patriot fan!