Was the Celtics victory over Philly in game 1 an aberration? It might be. Come on the Celtics have no business beating them in one game, let alone the series with or without Jaylen Brown.
How great a coach is Brad Stevens? He is pulling off miracles! A great coach in a player’s league. Rick Pitino couldn’t pull it off. Either could Billy Donovan. Donovan played for Pitino come to think of it, but I guess the NBA failure at least so far has to be a coincidence. None of them have won a championship, but give Brad Stevens some time. It will happen soon!
As for the Bruins, a split on the road is OK, but after winning the first game a split is a disappointment.
The Yankee catcher…Gary Sanchez is only hitting .214, but he has 8 homers and 27 RBI’s and has won a couple of games in the 9th inning with home-runs. The Red Sox catcher…. Christian Vasquez is hitting .185 with no homers and 4 RBI’s. The Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley, Jr. is hitting just .194. A center fielder who is hitting just .194? I don’t care how good he is defensively, you have to have offense from your center fielder. How about JD Martinez in left, Andrew Benintendi in center and Mookie Betts in right. Bradley, Jr. should come in for defensive purposes late in the game.
So the Patriots almost traded up to draft Baker Mayfield at #2. So what? It didn’t happen so what difference does it make? It’s a non story.
Why do teams get graded on their NFL draft by the media? Teams that draft near the top should always get an “A.” A little difficult to get an “A” when you’re drafting near the bottom. I know it’s a media thing and it sparks interest with the public, but it is kind of silly since you really should be graded a couple of years down the line to see how the players that were drafted pan out.
I bet the Patriots didn’t get an “A” when they drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round at #199 overall. I bet that would be graded an “A” now don’t you think?