8-1 is not 1-8 And Does JD Mean No Mookie?

By Jack Healey
I know the Patriots haven’t played a strong schedule, but you dimwits on facebook and twitter who were celebrating the Patriots loss on Sunday should go back to 1st grade arithmetic. 8-1 is not 1-8. I should be on social media writing about the Giants being 2-7 or the Jets being 1-7. Now that’s something to be celebrating! Come on man!
To the game itself I went with the Patriots over Baltimore, but I did have my doubts. Even if the Patriots had a tough schedule to this point, they still could’ve lost the game. They very well could lose three or four more games on their schedule and would finish 11-5 which was their record last year. To refresh your memory they did go on to win the Super Bowl.
Is this Patriots’ defense overrated? Probably, but it’s sill better than the defense over the last several years. As for the Ravens, they are good, but they did lose to the lowly Cleveland Browns and struggled with Cincinnati and beat the depleted Steelers in overtime. Don’t put them in the Super Bowl just yet.
I love the fact that JD Martinez is not opting out, but does it mean no Mookie? I say probably yes, but if JD opted out the Sox very well could’ve lost both of them. An interesting off season. Keep tuned!