Author: Jack Healey

Tom Brady, Tom Seaver, Tom Terrific

By Jack Healey For once will people get off Tom Brady’s back? Why the furor from Mets fans over whether Tom Brady’s “people” have decided to trademark “Tom Terrific”? Wait a minute you can’t do that because Tom Seaver is “Tom Terrific”, not Tom Brady. My first reaction was who cares? Like “Deflate Gate” it […]

Momentum Again! THE MLB Draft

By Jack Healey Let me say it AGAIN! Let’s see Toronto wins game 1 of the NBA Finals and carries that momentum into a victory in game 2. Wait a minute it didn’t happen because momentum doesn’t carry over from game to game. I repeat and repeat and repeat that I will stop talking about […]

Two Rutland Guys And A Williston Guy

By Jack Healey Former Rutland High football standout Kyle Kelly who was a member of the Vermont Shrine football team in 2012 has accepted a full time position as a team operations assistant with the Detroit Lions. Kyle had been an intern with the Cleveland Browns. Kyle has already started his job and tomorrow he […]

Bill Buckner And NBA

By Jack Healey Bill Buckner died yesterday at the age of 69. It is sad that he will be remembered for what happened in game 6 of the 1986 World Series, but he was a great player and you could argue that he was at least a borderline Hall of Famer. He had 2,715 career […]

Bruins And Blues OH My!

By Jack Healey It’s the Bruins vs. St. Louis in the Stanley Cup Final. I’m going with the Bruins in 6. I picked San Jose in 6 against St. Louis. After San Jose won game 3 in overtime on the controversial hand pass goal, the Sharks went up 2 games to 1. San Jose never […]

The Preakness And The PGA!

By Jack Healey I don’t know about you, but I’m generally only interested in horse racing when it’s the triple crown races and especially when a horse is going for the triple crown. I generally see who wins the Kentucky Derby and then I root for that horse in the Preakness and hopefully is still […]

The Bruins and Tukka Rask

By Jack Healey The Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals after sweeping Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals. Tukka Rask has been fantastic and he is the front runner for the Conn Smythe Trophy, but he has to close the deal. If the Bruins don’t go on the win the cup the playoffs to […]


By Jack Healey Somehow I think if Toronto fans had a choice between the Raptors winning in game 7 or the Maple leafs winning in game 7, they would take the Leafs winning in 7. It is hockey and it is Canada remember! I’m going with Milwaukee over Toronto in 6 in the NBA Eastern […]

Celtics,Bruins And White House

By Jack Healey I know predictions are just lucky guesses, but I did say the Bruins over Columbus in 6 and I said Milwaukee over the Celtics in 6. The Celtics really did stink the joint out and they really couldn’t turn on the switch. Milwaukee was a far better team and remember they were […]

NBA, NHL And NFL Draft

By Jack Healey The Bruins are in for a battle with Columbus as they coughed up the home ice advantage with their double overtime loss on Saturday night. I had the Bruins in 6 going in to the series, but they have to be better. Stupid penalty by Patrice Bergeron which led to the power […]