Author: Jack Healey

Daytona 500

By Jack Healey It’s funny about NASCAR fans. They always feel that their sport never gets any publicity,but yet I can’t remember one call in 45 plus years of hosting sports talk shows. There were certainly a lot of comments about the Daytona 500 on social media yesterday though. Most of it was concern for […]

Two Dynasties In Rutland Area!

By Jack Healey The first state champions of the high school winter season were crowned over the weekend and if you want to talk dynasty how about Rutland High and Mill River Cheer leading? Rutland High winning it’s 6th straight Division 1 state championship and Mill River winning its 3rd straight division 2 state championship […]

This Trade Is Better!

By Jack Healey The revised trade that the Red Sox made with the Dodgers is better than the original trade. The Sox now get besides Alex Verdugo, shortstop Jeter Downs and catcher Connor Wong. Downs is a top 100 prospect. I know it’s the minor leagues,but both Downs and Wong showed power last year by […]

I’m OK With It

By Jack Healey I hate to see Mookie Betts go,but I knew it was inevitable and I don’t disagree with trading him and I think the Sox did as well as they could. Remember Mookie Betts is a free agent at the end of the season so even though I wanted to see a boat […]

Mookie, Dynasty And Tom Brady

By Jack Healey Hello is anybody home? Why don’t Red Sox fans understand that it’s not about paying Mookie Betts,it’s about the luxury tax! Nobody can call the Red Sox cheap. That’s ridiculous! It’s not my money,but reports say that Mookie Betts wants 420 million over 12 years. Good luck to him. That would strap […]

One Winner And That’s It

By Jack Healey The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl champions and everybody else lost. Losing in the Super Bowl is the hardest loss of all! First trip to the Super Bowl in 50 years for Kansas City and the Patriots have been there nine times since 2002. Absolutely remarkable and in the salary […]

I Say Kansas City 35 San Francisco 20

By Jack Healey I don’t get so many Patriot fans rooting for San Francisco in the the Super Bowl since if San Francisco wins the 49ers would match the Patriots and the Steelers with six Super Bowl wins. Also: Jimmy Garoppolo gets a Super Bowl ring [actually his 3rd] so the Patriots should never have […]

The Public Knows Everything!

By Jack Healey The public can do it all I guess! I saw this on twitter recently and it’s one of the few things on twitter that makes any sense. “I think I’m going to start going into random businesses and talk loudly about how I can do their job better. First on my list […]


By Jack Healey I like everybody was shocked and stunned by the news of Kobe Bryant’s death yesterday. Very sad and I pray for his family and the the families of the others who died in the helicopter crash. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach all day yesterday and I […]

Super Bowl Quarterbacks

By Jack Healey Super Bowl winning quarterbacks: Eli Manning- 2 He’s great! Peyton Manning-2 He’s great! Drew Brees-1 He’s great! Aaron Rodgers-1 He’s great! Tom Brady-6 drafted #199 in the 6th round. He’s overrated!