George Commo’s Blog – Thursday 9/22/16

  • Hey I’m as superstitous as any baseball fan … maybe more so than most … but I’ve got to say the unsaid magic words … MAGIC NUMBER. The Red Sox have the number down to six after last night’s 5-1 win over the Orioles at Camden Yards. That is seven in a row and you can’t help but start asking some lookingx ahead questions … So you tell me … what does your post season starting rotation look like if the Sox do nail this thing down? Who goes in Game One, Porcello or Price? Who gets game three, E-Rod or Clay Buchholz? Who are the extra guys on your playoff roster? Oh, and do you think it is possible to talk Papi into changing his mind? No, I guess not …

Patriots host Houston tonight … who is your starting quarterback? My gut is the rookie Brissett will get the start, but don’t be shocked if Jimmy G dresses and quite possibly plays. I’m homering it and taking the Pats.

Finally what is better than overtime hockey? How about 3×3 overtime World Cup of Hockey hockey. That OT between sweden and Team North America yesterday might havebeen some of the most exciting pucks I have ever seen. If you do the math it is still possible that the under 24 North American kids may not make the semifinals … but boy would that be a crime or what? They are just so much fun to watch!