George Commo’s Blog – Sunday Evening 1/22/17

And so it will be Falcons/Patriots in Super Bowl LI … Ryan vs Brady … a first timer against a proven winner …  two disrespected defenses trying to match two powerhouse offenses … it could be glorious!

But in mind you can cool it with all the drama … my early pick is the Pats … for everyone who questioned their defense going in I say … take a look at tonight. What did they do against one of the league’s “elite” quarterbacks? Big Ben did some good things for the Steelers, but when the dust (or was it fog?) had cleared over Gillette Stadium how many points had Pittsburgh put on the board? Not nearly enough.

Matt Ryan has had a tremendous season … he was great today against the Packers … and the Atlanta defense did a great job to controlling Aaron Rodgers …

But the Pats have the not so secret weapon that in my eyes makes them a clear favorite in the big game in Houston. New England has The Hoodie. He has two weeks to prepare. Pats by 10!