George Commo’s Blog – Sunday Afternoon 10-23-16

So it is Chicago/Cleveland … the Cubs and the Indians … the Cubbies and the Tribe … Tito and Miller and Coco and Nap against Theo and Lester and Lackey and Anthony Rizzo and David Ross.  I tell you for a World Series without the Red Sox there are more Boston story lines in this Series than you can shake a Fenway Frank at.

How about Tito going up against the Chicken and Beer boys?

Bottom line here the Cubs have been the best team in baseball the entire season … maybe not the best in any one area  … although their starting pitching is darned good … but the best team overall. After reaching their first Series in 71 years they should be favored.

But Red Sox and Blue Jays fans have learned a painful lesson this playoff season … do not ever under estimate Terry Francona and his Indians … especially not their dominating bullpen. Cleveland hasn’t gotten any respect all season, so why should that change now?

If you want to play the “It’s finally their turn” card, yes, the Cubs have not won a Series in 108 years … but it has also been 68 years since a Series title for the Tribe.

This matchup is just a hoot. Can the Cubs rid themselves of the Goat and Steve Bartman? Can the Tribe follow up on Lebron and the Cavs and rest the moniker of Title Town USA away from that little town in Wisconsin?

Your guess is as good as mine. What? You want me to make a prediction?  Whoa … tough. I’ve got a lot of friends … people I care about who are Cubs fans. Hell my wife hardly ever follows baseball and she is rooting for the Cubbies. So I could take the easy route and say Chicago in six.

But I smell (and hope for) a seven game series, and in a game seven I can see Andrew Miller coming on in the third inning, working four and turning it over to Cody Allen for the six out save, and the city on Lake Erie replaces the town on Lake Michigan as Title Town.

Tribe in seven.