Help Page

Having issues with viewing a live streaming or an archived event?

Are you Early/Late to the event?

  • Check the start time of your event in the listed games to the right of the player. Live streams generally go on the air 10-15 minutes before the official start time listed on the teams athletic website.
  • Games generally last 2 to 3 hours, but the game can still be listed as “live” after the game has ended. If you are more than 2 hours past the listed start time, the game has likely ended, we have just not yet deactivated the link.

Do you have the right software?

  • Our live streams are designed to detect your software and display the best product to you. If you are not seeing the video, it is always good to check to ensure you have the most up to date software. This will eliminate future problems.

Some Simple steps For PC and Mac:
1) Install the latest browser:
Install Chrome
Install Firefox

2) Install the latest Flash player HERE then restart your browser
Install Flash Media Player

  • E-mail us at team@nsnsports.net and tell us what game you are trying to watch and what problem you are having. We will address it as quickly as possible.

Having issues ordering a DVD?

  • We use Paypal as our payment gateway. You might try creating a Paypal account HERE, and then try your order again.
  • If this does not work, call our office at 802-316-4192 and we can manually take your order.