Who Won The Ratings Battle?

OK who do you think won the ratings battle between the Olympics and the NBA All Star Game? The Olympics in prime time of course are tape delay and the NBA All star game was live so maybe the NBA has the advantage, but I’m not so sure about that. As I understand the All Star game was fairly entertaining, but I didn’t watch a second of it.

Speaking of entertaining, the US -Russia game on Saturday morning was fantastic. Yes the USA got a huge break when the Russian goal was disallowed because the net was dislodged. The goal would’ve counted in the NHL, but not in international competition,. It was hockey’s “Tuck Rule.” A rule is a rule.

I repeat that I think spoiler alerts are ridiculous. It’s not up to the media to remind the public that something they are going to hear or see will be shown on tape delay later that day. It’s up to the public to not put themselves in a position where they might get the results. That to me is the ultimate no brainer! Anyway I heard a radio station on Saturday evening give a spoiler alert on the US-Russia hockey score. Geez the game was played that morningĀ  and was shown live on television already. That’s taking the spoiler alert a little too far don’t you think?

Another radio station I was listening to said that Australia was playing in hockey. The last time I checked I don’t think that Australia was participating in Olympic hockey!