Well They Blew That

George Commo’s Blog – Thursday 6/5/14

I think it is all over for the New York Rangers. After jumping out to a 2-0 first period lead against the Kings last night the Rangers didn’t score again and lost 3-2 in overtime. Remember the previous series against Montreal … the Blueshirts caught the Habs in a letdown after their win over the Bruins and whipped them 7-2 in Game One. It carried them to a win in the series. They had the chance to do the same thing to LA last night but LA is a much better team than Montreal. Bottom line … I’m sticking with the Kings in five.


I thought streaking went out in the 80’s. But look at the Red Sox. Lose ten in a row … win seven in a row … now three straight losses in Cleveland with a trip taking them next into Detroit … STREAK!!!!!