Daily Archives: Feb 3, 2014

Didn’t See That One Coming!

I picked Seattle, but wasn’t sure. It was pretty much a coin flip for me so I went with the defense over the offense. I didn’t expect that final score and  neither did anybody else. That was the way a lot of the early Super Bowls went.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were great during the telecast. Smooth as can be as always!

The commercials were OK, but not overwhelmingly memorable. The puppy was cute with the Clydesdale, the soldier returning home and there were a few others like the two Doritos commercials, but all in all that was about it as far as I can remember. The Steve Colbert commercial was stupid! Was that actually Bob Dylan or somebody impersonating him? I actually couldn’t tell. I didn’t get it anyway.

I did like the halftime show too. I actually watched the whole thing!

Middlebury College’s Steve Hauschka kicked a couple of field goals for Seattle and his mentor Steve Wolf of Rutland I’m sure enjoyed the expierence as he was at the game.

By the way any story in Vermont about Hauschka that didn’t mention Steve Wolf is missing the biggest local angle of all. It’s like printing a cake recipe and not including flour.

I was against the Super Bowl being in an outdoors northern location, but things worked out weather wise. Or should I say weather wise they got lucky. Real lucky!